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GR400 Gridmesh - Galvanised - 2300x1200 sheet size

General description:

GR400 mesh has a raised surface finish. GR400 is a lighter more open grade of our heavier exanded meshes, slighly heavier and higher loadings than GR300, but not as heavy or as costly as GM450 or GM575. It is a suitable mesh for ramps walkways, mezzanine flooring, stair treads and areas where a non slip surface is desirable. It can be overlaid over a solid supporting structure if additional strength is required.

It is supplied in a galvanised steel finish.


The LWM (Long way mesh) is across the sheet while the SWL (Short way length) is along the length of the sheet.


SWM LWM Strand Thickness Mass

GR400 black specification

45mm 135mm 11.0mm 5.0mm 19.5Kg/SqM


For more specific detail about Gridmesh including loading specifications please follow this link to Gridmesh Technical or click on the icon anywhere it appears.



Fletcher Easysteel

Steel and Tube

TJ Steel

Asmuss Steel

Vulcan Steel


Available through all leading steel suppliers

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Weight : 60Kgs