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Roller spreader - Remote controlled

A fully remote controlled heavy duty remote controlled roller spreader. Containing seven gates, the remote can control each gate independantly either up or down, along with the hydraulic roller on/off and the fully adjustable powered gauge bar position.

Overwidth sign panels are provided, with sockets for flags. LED lighting is provided and wired into the truck. The unit is fully removable when required. Rear tailgates are modified to accept the rollerspreader and can be relocated when not using the rollerspreader.

The remote is rugged, wireless and can be controlled from the cab.

The remote also features a full emergency stop. A second emergency stop is fitted to the truck with each operating completely independantly of each other.

Our roller spreaders have been in the workforce for many years and the design is refined for businesses requiring a no nonsense reliable spreader they can count on.


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